I worked with Drew when he was manager/trainer of a gym in a federal agency in D.C. and he totally changed my views on fitness and diet. He taught me about what NOT to eat, he was forthright about what it takes to get in shape, and I got significant results (I lost about 20% of my body weight). Even though he worked me hard, I actually looked forward to our sessions because he’s such an affable guy. If you want results but you want to have fun at the same time, I highly recommend Drew.
Drew brings a triple-E approach to training: energy, education and empathy. His energy is infectious and he never fails to educate clients on the benefits of his dynamic exercise plans so they leave not only feeling better physically but understanding the long-term benefits of their workout. Under Drew’s guidance there is no such thing as mindless exercise. The result of overcoming obesity and managing pain from scoliosis and lower back problems is his empathy for the challenges his clients may face. If you are looking for a trainer who takes a total approach to helping you achieve ultimate fitness, Drew is the trainer of your dreams.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Drew. He is an excellent trainer and is very knowledgeable about his work. He was patient with me, but still pushed me to work hard even when I was tired and didn’t think I could make it through the session. He explains the purpose of each exercise and exactly which muscles area being worked. He is very particular about using proper form to ensure you don’t injure yourself. I definitely saw results from my sessions with Drew. In addition, Drew is very personable and has a great sense of humor.