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Balance & Stability

A large part of training at Bar-G Fitness revolves around balance. Exercising with this in mind has multiple benefits. When performing exercises on an unstable surface, more muscle groups are recruited to complete the exercise, particularly in the core. Many different tools are utilized to increase balance, whether it’s something as simple as completing single-leg movements on a balance pad, or squats on the Modern Movement Board. The best way to decrease the chances of injury from falling is to improve balance.

Body Fat (Weight loss)

Decreasing body fat percentage is a big goal for many clients. There is no magic pill. Body fat loss is made through hard work and determination. We use a three-pronged approach to body fat loss: cardiovascular training, strength training, and caloric reduction. When practicing all three of these in conjunction, fat loss will occur at a more even pace and will not seem so one-sided and overwhelming. The bottom line for fat loss: burn more calories than you consume. This is achieved by a reduction in caloric intake (eating less), and an increase in energy output (exercising more). Everybody is different and there are many different tools to facilitate body fat reduction. Let us help you find the tools that work best for you. Body fat loss is assessed by body fat percentage, not by pounds on the scale.

Core Training

Strengthening the core muscles is important for a myriad of reasons. The key to Bar-G Fitness Core Training is that we treat the core as a whole. Focusing on only certain muscle groups of the abdominals can lead to muscle imbalances. Therefore, we practice movements that engage the whole core: lower back muscles, obliques, hip flexors, and abdominals at the same time. No matter what your individual goals are, a strong, solid base will be of great benefit. It can help in all forms of sport and is key to relieving pain and discomfort in the lower back.


Functional Training

Training the body to mimic daily life activities is a fantastic way to exercise. It has huge benefits in quality of life and makes fitness fun. Dynamic movements that encourage multiple muscle groups to be engaged simultaneously are at the core of Bar-G Fitness training. Multi-joint movements that work the total body have a large impact on fitness level and can be a determining factor in increasing overall strength. A lot of the post-rehab work that we do is based on theories of functional training and is why we do not use any traditional fixed equipment. Training the body to be prepared to perform day-to-day movements reduces injury and increases quality of life.


Many athletes have a desire to increase their skills and abilities in a particular sport. A tailored workout for a specific sport is a great way to achieve greater results in said sport. Some exercises cross all boundaries and are good for all forms of play, but others can be very sport specific and help an athlete reach their goals faster. For example, a golfer needs to work on rotational core movements to increase their torque. A basketball player needs to work on speed, agility, and plyometrics (explosive jumping movements) to be quick on their feet. No matter which sport, an athlete’s performance can be improved with an individualized, specific workout.

Sport Yoga

Practicing yoga can help increase strength and flexibility. Sport yoga is derived from Vinyasa and focuses more on the physical aspects of yoga. Proper form is paramount with yoga and learning simple poses to practice on your own is a great way to increase fitness levels at home. Drew Barga has been practicing yoga since 2009 and is a walking testament to its rehabilitative and restorative properties. Yoga was one of the defining factors that helped him overcome his back injuries and it continues to help him improve his overall fitness.


Myofascial Release

Foam rolling is a great tool used to increase range of motion and decrease pain and soreness in muscles. We have many types of foam rollers with different designs and densities for all fitness levels. Foam rolling is a wonderful way to help clients release tight muscles and remove knots from these muscles. Trigger-point release with rubber balls is another way to achieve these goals and is more spot specific and intense. Both of these tools can help you become more active and have a better quality of life.


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