My Story

Understand What Makes Me Unique


Being able to adapt to different situations is essential to Personal Training. Most trainers emphasize what they specialize in; I like to think I specialize in what makes the client unique: goals, abilities, injuries, and limitations. Creating specific workout plans for the individual will maximize each training session.

Having worked as a trainer since 2002, I am committed to each person and the achievement of their goals. I not only create an individualized training plan but I also share my personal experiences; offer motivational and inspirational articles that relate to individual goals; give recipes and suggestions on cooking, and more. In doing so, this creates an atmosphere of support and accountability to your goals and you as an individual.

In 2001, due to a sedentary lifestyle, I was considered obese with 33% body fat. I also suffer from Scoliosis, Spondylolithesis, and a degenerative disc disease. In 2008, I fractured a vertebrae that created two bulging disks in my lower back. Recovering from this was life changing and has given me a whole new outlook on clients with injuries, and chronic pain. I truly empathize with the plight of making health and fitness a part of your lifestyle. My ultimate reward is seeing a client transition to being on their own- healthy and happily doing more of the things they love to do.


Andrew Barga, Owner


B.S. in Kinesiology, James Madison University
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Certified Sport Yoga Instructor